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The cruel life of a stray:

Leo was brought to us through one of our contacts out on Peach Orchard Rd. She was walking her dog and found him lying on the side of the road motionless covered in ants, ticks and dirt. While his body was motionless his eyes were still speaking. As we carried him to the car you could see the pain and terror in his eyes. We rushed him to the emergency vet because we did not think he would make it overnight. Leo was heartworm positive and suffering from tick paralysis. He had to be completely shaved (except for his head). In total he had over 150 ticks on his body. After 24 hours of the ticks being removed he started to walk again. We learned that over the past three years Leo has been a stray and running the streets his entire life. The day Leo came home from the vet he was unapproachable and would not even make eye contact. After a week passed, his eyes would slowly meet with yours and you could begin to see a sense of hope and thankfulness. Every day is an improvement and he is slowly learning how to be a real dog. He is a true example of why every animal should be given a fair chance at a good life. If you would like to follow the story of dogs like Leo please visit our PUPS Facebook page for more updates.

Help us fight animal cruelty by being a voice for animals. PUPS is a big advocate for what the world considers "bully" breeds. Many dogs are misunderstood and labeled wrongly in our society because of their size. Our area is continuing to grow, but with a network of people in different areas we can keep our eyes open for animals in need. If you know an animal that is being neglected, participating in dog fighting, chained or part of owner hoarding please contact us.

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